Rihane Grotto

The Rihane that is an important water-catchment’s area protects excellent representation of the Litani, Zahrani, Mechraa, Tasseh rivers; several streams particularly in Sujud and Mlikh; and many springs, mainly in Rihane village, Aichyeh, Mlikh and Aramta; riparian habitats, undisturbed glacial valleys, barren and semi-barren lands, landraces areas, rangelands, huge caves of stalagmites and stalactites, historic agricultural terraces; historic areas with tombs and sarcophagi; old winepress with stone hods; old (more than 500 years) mixed forests with oak (Quercus spp.) as dominant species; pine groves, olive groves, maquis, garrigues, and undisturbed wildlife habitats for hyraxes, birds and reptiles.

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